Vertical Wooden Wall for Lively Urban Loft Interior

Abundant natural light overflows on this urban loft interior with vertical wooden wall creating energetic feeling within this contemporary dwelling. Rough concrete element exudes originality and firmness. Tasteful color selection introduces vibrant decorations which define this interior manner. Fashionable furniture brings the latest and artful works completing the coziness of home living in Antwerp, Belgium. White hue of the wall magnifies the brightness and the floor also confirms it.

Rock is a unique decor to strike the smoothness view. Dark manner pervades the light and makes it becoming the focal point ornament. The rich of art rug melts the stylish chair presenting creative painting in the whole body. Basketball like pouf looks cool beside the square sofas for sitting space. Vertical wooden wall is a perfect background for this interior arrangement. Open shelving lets the decorative items is exposed supporting the urban loft interior design with strict steel cut demeanor.

Glass seal of the decorative vase presents a valuable stuff. The floor lamp focuses the beam of this sitting space. Gray rug gives the feet a comforted when stepping on this area. Modest coffee table gathers different chairs designs that evoke collaboration. It is the best place to read collection book in this comfortable sitting space. Trendy look chair serves an extraordinary seat to do the activity. Oval mirror attracts the eyes to give the first sight when arriving in this neat sitting room. It reflects brick wall on the opposite.

The green rug motif brings confusion effect on the sight. The dining furniture is like floating above the pattern. Classic chandelier is heavily aligning with the earth gravitation toward the table. Vintage sword in white is hiding on the concrete wall, having the same manner with the lamp above the dining area. Colorful decoration and stylish furniture in innovative arrangement helps to set a magnificent urban loft style interior design with the vertical wooden wall for all comfort.